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February Meeting

 Thursday, February 2, 2023 @ 11:30 am
Coeur d'Alene Inn Best Western Plus
506 W Appleway Ave., Coeur d'Al

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Edward Kaitz, Ph.D.

Dr. Kaitz is the Board President for a new school in our area, Kootenai Classical Academy. He is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at North Idaho College. He has been studying and teaching the philosophical and literary classics of both West and East for over thirty years at post-secondary institutions including the University of San Francisco, the St. Ignatius Institute at USF, and the University of Colorado.


Kootenai Classical Academy (KCA) is described as "a strong classical school." This school will be a "tuition-free charter school dedicated to educating well-rounded students with what is timeless, fundamental, and best in human thought, including arts, math, science, history, and language. The school will strive to make learning "exciting, fun, and important" because they believe "that kids want to learn and to excel in a school they love." KCA's goal is to foster their students to be "self governing, educated, honest citizens."


KCA will partner with Hillsdale College's Barney Charter School Initiative to provide a curriculum, leadership training, annual teacher training and support to the school's board. This successful model has produced over 30 high-performing charter schools across our nation, to include the Treasure Valley Classical Academy in the greater Boise area.

Guest Speaker

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